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divorce in Alabama.

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Information for filing a Divorce in Alabama

We understand that filing for a divorce is an extremely important time in your life.  We guarantee that your Alabama divorce documents will be accurate and that the court clerks will accept it for filing as meeting or exceeding their standards or you get your money back - 100%.  We can make this guarantee because we make it our mission to make sure our documents are complete and up-to-date with the newest court regulations.  If we don't make it right, we'll refund you money - 100%.

Alabama Divorce Documents - Information you should know.

We know how important is it for you to do the research on filing your Alabama divorce online.  Our highly experienced staff will help you through the process.  Please review the information below to educate yourself on filing a divorce in Alabama, and then our staff will help you with any questions.

In Alabama, the person filing the divorce is referred to as the "Plaintiff" and the spouse is referred to as the "Defendant".  An uncontested divorce in Alabama does not require the signature of your spouse.  An uncontested divorce means that your spouse doesn't file their own documents with the court asking that the court order the divorce with terms that are different than what you filed with the court.  Most divorces that are filed are uncontested divorces.

To get a divorce in Alabama, either you or your spouse must have lived in Alabama for six (6) months, or both of you need to be residing in Alabama.  Please review the grounds for divorce in alabama, where to file your Alabama divorce, waiting periods and Alabama military divorces by clicking the links below.

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Questions about child custody & visitation, property and support?

Please review the information below regarding child custody issues, property issues and support issues that are involved in filing a divorce in Alabama.  The information below will help you make decisions on how best to have your documents prepared. 


A note on Custody in Alabama divorces:  In Alabama, joint custody is preferred, which means that both parents retain joint legal and physical custody of the children.  Joint physical custody doesn't necessarily mean equal parenting time, but rather that both parents have meaningful contact with the children.  Click the tabs below for more information.


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Alabama Court Locations - We service the entire state.

Here is information for some of the courts in Alabama.  If your County is  not listed, we will include the court information with your documents.

Montgomery County Court: 100 South Lawrence Street, Montgomery, AL 36104, (334) 832-4950

Jefferson County Court: 716 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. N., Birmingham, AL 35203, (205) 325-5355

Mobile County Court: 205 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36644, (251) 690-8430

Madison County Court: 100 Northside Square, Huntsville, AL 35801, (256) 532-3390

Alabama Divorce Filing Fees.

The court filing fees for a divorce in Alabama is approximately $154 plus $10 if your spouse won't sign and needs to be served by a sheriff. 

Methods of serving your spouse: 

1.  Your spouse Signs:  If your spouse is willing to sign documents, then your spouse will not need to be served by the sheriff.  Your spouse sign the divorce documents AFTER you have filed the complaint with the court.  You can hand deliver the documents, mail them or have a third party deliver them to your spouse.  This method is available even though your spouse is incarcerated. 

2.  Personal Service:   If your spouse will not sign or you are not sure if your spouse will sign then you can have your spouse served by the Sheriff or a process server. You can also serve your spouse by Certified Mail, (Return Receipt Requested) if your spouse lives out of state and you believe that your spouse will sign for the certified mail.  If your spouse is incarcerated then your spouse will need to be served by the Sheriff's department in the county where your spouse is incarcerated.

3.  Service by publication.  If you cannot find your spouse after a diligent search then you can serve your spouse by publication.  This means that a notice that the divorce has been filed is published in a local legal news paper of general circulation in the county in which the complaint is filed.  The publication is typically 1 day a week for 4 weeks.  The publication fee for the newspaper is approximately $65 but varies for different counties.  We provide all the required documents for service by publication.

It really comes down to 3 things:  EXPERIENCE, SERVICE & PRICE.

No doubt you have done your research on which company to use.  We are certain you will find to offer you the highest level of quality and commitment in your online divorce.  When going through a difficult time in your life, don't complicate it more by hiring a company to complete your documents who don't have the proven experience to make sure they are done right. 

We desire to be able to serve you with your divorce document needs, and be able to show you the level of professionalism you deserve.  We know that during this time, what you need is someone who can relieve some of the stress, not add to it.  This is what is all about.  Providing you with divorce documents, specifically prepared for you, ready for you to simply sign and file with the court.  No hassles with wondering where your documents are or wondering if they are accurate and legal for your court - Just confidence that you are dealing with a company who will get it done right.  We have taken the guess work out of the equation.    

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Your Alabama Divorce 

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Reliable Divorce saves you money.  You can save thousands over the high cost of an attorney, and you can save money by having the experience of ReliableDivorce do your documents right the first time.  Our experience counts.


Fast Process - Personal Service - 100% Guarantee 

Every customer is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.  Please read our guarantee page for more information on this great policy.  We start working on your documents the moment you submit your order.  Our divorce department will work with you personally.  We take the guess work out of getting a divorce.


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Submit your order today, file tomorrow.  We make our process simple and we guarantee your documents to be to you in less than 24 hours, ready to sign and file with the court.  Then we stay with you until your divorce is final - that's service.


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